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This is not what self-defence looks like

By now, the facts are pretty obvious and well documented. Anyone who doesn’t know them has simply chosen not to bother finding out. THE FACTS ABOUT THE LEADUP TO THE ATTACK ON GAZA So, what was the leadup to Israel’s attack on Gaza? There are three basic chronologies, one at New Left Project, one at … Continue reading

Australian outrages: Australian media on Nazis and Islamists

You know about the protests in Sydney last week. All the outrage. People like Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt and Peter Fitzsimons flirted with the sentiment of who in the Muslim community should go back to where they came from.   Much of the outrage focused on a child holding up a sign calling for the … Continue reading


Some people think I’m unfairly critical of AUJS. I’m nothing if not fair, so I visited their website to see the kinds of things they’re saying lately. Among the things you learn from their website: Here, it says “Not many people know that under international law, Israel is entitled to occupy the territories that it … Continue reading

My reply to Gordon Weiss’s lousy article on Bolt et al

I was outraged – and I am not the only one – by Gordon Weiss’s lousy and lazy reporting in his article, “So, Did Andrew Bolt have a point?”.  Everything about the article showed how grossly under and un-informed he is about the topic he chose to write about. Writing “The Court also found [Bolt’s] … Continue reading

Compassionate sadism: Australia’s culture of terrorism

For years, debate about asylum seeker policy has been conducted in straightforward manner. Opponents of mandatory detention of asylum seekers have suggested that the manner in which we hold asylum seekers is cruel, and a violation of their human rights. Traditionally, those who supported our regime of mandatory indefinite detention of asylum seekers framed their … Continue reading

Online Opinion, and 2nd reply to CIS’s Sara Hudson

Note: in an article last Wednesday, Sara Hudson, from the Centre for Independent Studies, wrote her second article in which I featured. The references to me were gratuitous – they began with the first paragraph, where I was alleged to have a “virulent” dislike for Intervention supporter and Country Liberal candidate Bess Price. My supposed … Continue reading

Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?

For many years, the Palestinians have been chastised. Why don’t they try non-violence? Israeli liberal historian, Gershom Goremberg, asked “Why is there no Palestinian Gandhi, no Palestinian Martin Luther King?” Time’s Joe Klein wrote that “the Palestinian national movement has… never been known for dramatic acts of nonviolence. ‘If they’d been led by Gandhi rather … Continue reading

Reply to Bolt

Andrew Bolt wrote a pretty scurrilous attack on me at his blog. So I emailed him. He did not reply. So I’ll post my email in full.   Dear Mr Bolt, By chance, I happened to read your blog this evening. I saw this entry http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/why_is_the_abc_whitewashing_the_murderer_of_jewish_children/ Under a heading which says “Why is the ABC … Continue reading

Menzies House on Finkelstein. Read and compare

I swear, it would be hard to make this kind of thing up. First, at Menzies House: However, what is interesting is the dirty little trick Mr. Finkelstein used. Mr. Finkelstein pointed out that only 21% of Australians agree that the media reports all sides of the story (at paragraph 4.27).  In the next paragraph … Continue reading

Why I’m a monarchist

This op ed by comrade Peter Slezak sold me on monarchism. Let’s Keep The Monarchy – It’s Our Clowning Glory Peter Slezak * Dr Peter Slezak Lectures And Technology Studies At The University of Nsw.   1 November 1999 Sydney Morning Herald   God save the Queen, for without her we would be a nation … Continue reading