The Boycott Campaigns critics

Okay, so a bunch of academics wrote an open letter in response to the call for a boycott. It’s pretty incredible. “It is simply incorrect for Loewenstein to state that Palestinians “overwhelmingly” support the BDS strategy. The Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, for example, has been careful not to adopt a position on BDS … Continue reading

Sydney Morning Herald on Iran

The SMH editorial today on Iran was incredible. (why don’t my links look colourful? it’s annoying. ) The admission by Tehran that it has been building a second nuclear facility in secret underlines what has already been clear for some time: Iran’s leaders have no intention of dealing candidly with the United Nations, the International … Continue reading

Honduras makes the SMH, Robert Manne shows his characteristic style

Okay, so the smh has yet to send someone to Honduras, but AFP is about as good as they get. Compare it to serious coverage here. Robert Manne: The Master of Sleaze and Innuendo Kiernan, McCormack et al wrote a devastating review of Manne on Burchett a while ago. Manne is a polemicist, and utterly … Continue reading

60 Minutes, and the response

So I watched the 60 Minutes report on the West Bank settlers. For the mainstream media, it’s actually pretty good. There are lots of problems, and the reporter is obviously very new to the subject. For example, he claims that the UN regards the West Bank as disputed territory. No, Mr Bartlett, the UN reaffirms … Continue reading

The Jewish News this week (September 25 2009): Can you say flip flop?

Okay, I’ll get to the Goldstone thing. First though, consider other things in this week’s Jewish News. Julia Irwin has a big article about her – it leads with saying she was “One of Parliament’s most rabid Middle East activists”. Yes, Irwin is “rabid”. Perhaps unlike Michael Danby, who is well known for his sober … Continue reading

The Sydney Morning Herald Columnist notices the Palestinians

I’ll be honest – I usually find smh correspondent Jason Koutsoukis underwhelming. Ed O’Loughlin occasionally covered the occupation, which is why he was considered so outrageous by Zionist extremists here. Koutsoukis has peddled Israeli propaganda now and then (such as Iran’s “repeated” threat (he supposedly made this a vow according to Koutsoukis) to wipe Israel … Continue reading


Zelaya – the president of Honduras, kidnapped by the military at gunpoint and flown out of the country – has sneaked back into it, and has sought (and achieved) asylum in the Brazilian embassy. The Independent reported: A day of protest and sporadic violence ended with troops loyal to the military junta which seized control … Continue reading

America’s puppets

This is unbelievable. According to the Washington Times report, Israel has agreed to partially freeze settlement activity for 6 to 9 months, but has insisted it be able to continue construction of some 2,500 housing units already in the works. In exchange, some Gulf Arab and North African states have privately assured U.S. special Mideast … Continue reading

Alhadeff vs Makdisi Pt 2

I went to Saree Makdisi’s talk at the Seymour Centre tonight. One interesting thing worth reporting: Vic Alhadeff of NSW JBD fame said that he opposed the occupation and that it should have ended yesterday. I don’t think this is credible, I’ve never heard him (or the JBD) say they oppose the occupation before. His … Continue reading

Ahmadinejad Pt 3

Perhaps Green Left Weekly’s Tony Iltis will now admit that Ahmadinejad is a reactionary anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.