Ahmadinejad Pt 3

Perhaps Green Left Weekly’s Tony Iltis will now admit that Ahmadinejad is a reactionary anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

2 Responses to “Ahmadinejad Pt 3”
  1. tony says:

    Just come across this. Why are you obsessively verballing me? I’ve never said Ahmedinejad is not reactionary and in fact have written a number of articles condemning human rights abuses in Iran. While you attack me as pro-Ahmedinejad others have attacked me (and Green Left) for supporting the West vis-a-vis Iran.

    The post on your other blog which you link to, attacks an article I co-wrote about the “Durban II” conference in Geneva . In this article we point out that the bit of Ahmedinejad’s speech that Western delegates used as a pretext for walking out was 1. not anti-semitic; and 2. true. I stand by that article.

  2. Michael Brull says:

    I say “reactionary anti-Semite and Holocaust denier”. It’s the last two which you were skeptical about.

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