America’s puppets

This is unbelievable.

According to the Washington Times report, Israel has agreed to partially freeze settlement activity for 6 to 9 months, but has insisted it be able to continue construction of some 2,500 housing units already in the works.

In exchange, some Gulf Arab and North African states have privately assured U.S. special Mideast envoy George Mitchell that they would take steps toward normalizing ties with Israel, a U.S. official told the Washington Times.

These normalization steps reportedly include granting Israel flyover rights and ending a longtime travel ban against Israeli citizens. According to the report, Saudi Arab has refused to grant these assurances, insisting a peace agreement first be signed.

In exchange for building settlements, Arab states and North African ones are going to normalise relations with Israel, beginning with flyover rights. I mean, think of how craven this is. Such measures are obviously overwhelmingly unpopular, which is presumably why perhaps Bahrain or Oman or whatever can implement it: because they are harsh dictatorships and puppets of the Americans, who are increasingly open in their collusion with the US and Israel. The report can be read at the Washington Times. It includes the following:

“Mr. Abu Zaideh, added, however, that Mr. Abbas “didn’t want to say no to the president. The Palestinians have no expectations from the meeting. I think this meeting is for protocol. It has no political meaning. There’s no achievement.”

Hussein Ibish, a senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, said it was important for Mr. Abbas to agree to the meeting even without the freeze.

“It was important for the Palestinians, in spite of the domestic cost of attending without a settlement freeze, not to weaken Obama’s hand in dealing with Netanyahu,” Mr. Ibish said.

This is Mahmoud Abbas. Stupid, incompetent, corrupt, and a puppet. To be fair to him, despite his holocaust denial, Colin Rubenstein considers him “moderate”.  Hussein Ibish is also an incredible character – I refer readers to Angry Arab to hear more.

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