Against the racist Northern Territory Intervention

A statement from Indigenous communities: Minister Jenny Macklin has once again broken a clear promise given to Aboriginal people in the NT. On many occasions she gave her word that the Racial Discrimination Act (1975) would be re-instated in the October sittings of parliament this year. Minister Macklin also gave this promise to the UN … Continue reading


A compromise of some sort has been reached. The conditions are obviously going to be the important part. Nevertheless, Zelaya will be briefly restored (elections will be held soon), and there will be some sort of Truth commission. Read about it here and here. Whilst the coup has been sordid enough, the blindness of the … Continue reading

Anna Baltzer, Virginia Haussegger, Tunisia

Anna Baltzer – who appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart – is actually an interesting character, who has written extensively about her first hand experiences in Palestine. Here is an example. It’s important for people from the West to try to help explain to us what life is like under the Israeli occupation. … Continue reading

Good SMH article: Against the racist NT intervention

In the SMH today. THE Government’s intervention in the Northern Territory has stagnated with no more children going to school now than two years ago and reports of substance abuse soaring. A six-month progress report on the intervention, quietly posted on the internet this week, showed school attendance rates remained virtually static in affected communities … Continue reading

Jenny Macklin and the RDA

Okay, I don’t like politicians, and I don’t endorse the Greens. But they cover an issue that otherwise no one would, and that wasn’t considered important enough to make the news. The Australian Greens today introduced legislation in the Senate designed to restore the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) in the Northern Territory after the Minister … Continue reading

Israel, Palestine and so on

Firstly, Larry Derfner has an outstanding op ed in the Jerualem Post. The kill ratio was 100-to-1 in our favor. The destruction ratio was much, much greater than that. To this day, thousands of Gazans are living in tents because we won’t let them import cement to rebuild the homes we destroyed. We turned the … Continue reading

My article in National Times: Nick Griffin loves Israel

My Article in the National Times. Miriam Shaviv’s article raises an interesting issue. I also watched Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, and was surprised to find him declaring his British National Party the party most supportive of Israel’s attack on Gaza. Griffin, of course, is an odious bigot, who has been convicted of inciting … Continue reading


Koutskoukis in the Age. Abbas denies reports he’s resigning. I’m not surprised, though don’t rule it out: the US and Israel have picked their favoured puppet: Fayyad. Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ official spokesman yesterday denied reports he had threatened to resign because of the impasse in the peace process. In two telephone conversations … Continue reading


Tunisia held completely legitimate elections. The results show they’re fairer than Fox News. Tunisia’s president has been re-elected for a fifth five-year term with 89.62% of the vote, the country’s interior ministry announced today. … Mr Ben Ali was last re-elected in 2004 with more than 94 per cent of votes – a drop from … Continue reading

Koutsoukis; Israeli Taliban

I know I criticise Koutsoukis quite a bit. Here, he reports on Amnesty’s report on water in the occupied territories. It’s good that he did. I wish the public cared. Sometimes I just feel completely furious. Palestinians in Gaza HAVE NO WATER. ISRAEL HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO SUPPLY ALL GAZANS WITH WATER, and over the … Continue reading