Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator

I saw that Charlie Chaplin move for the first time – The Great Dictator.

Today, someone who lies about Israel is considered a friend of the Jews.

Consider, however, Chaplin. Apparently, he invested a great deal of his own money into making the movie. He began preparing for it in 1938. That is, Chaplin was so passionately anti-Hitler that he began his massive project, which cost a tremendous amount of money for the time ($1.5 million), before the war broke out, in a country he’d lived for decades which was neutral when the war did break out.

Chaplin’s courageous and bold stance was not for financial or any other sort of incentive. Indeed, his tremendous stature as an entertainer was threatened by his political views (I do not know enough about the subsequent controversies involving him to feel comfortable enough to comment confidently). In this case, he was simply revolted by Nazism. His solidarity with the Jews was easily manifested. He played a Jew in Great Dictator. Nazi propaganda said he was Jewish: Chaplin refused to deny the claim, “saying that to do so would always “play directly into the hands of anti-Semites.”” Compare that to Obama during his election campaign.

Now that our community is doing well, we have no shortage of fake friends. When we needed friends, it was brave individuals like Chaplin who spoke out against Nazism when it mattered.


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