How to understand US-Israel-Palestine

Read this:

Khraishi’s comments appear to indicate a mounting effort by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to deflect criticism for earlier holding off pursuing Israel over alleged war crimes in the Gaza fighting.

According to a senior source in Jerusalem, the Palestinian move has caused a great deal of embarrassment for the United States, which has been trying to formulate a response with Israel since Friday morning. [Emphasis added]

Officials in Jerusalem believe that Washington will find it difficult to prevent the debate, especially since the Palestinian agreement to the deferral last week was achieved with U.S. pressure. Nonetheless, officials believe that the visiting U.S. envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, will attempt to convince the Palestinian leadership not to advance the initiative in his meetings in the West Bank on Friday and Saturday.

That is, the US and Israel are trying to figure out how to respond together (because of course, they coordinate their actions and diplomacy). This is after they forced the PA to abandon attempts to support the Goldstone report: but because Abbas is such a pathetic puppet, they don’t want him to be hurt too much by his failure, but don’t know how to protect him because they don’t want him to support the Goldstone report. Ah the problems of collaborating.

It should also be noted: an additional reason why the PA wouldn’t have supported the Goldstone report is because it accuses it of severe human rights violations: torturing Palestinians, arbitrary arrests, preventing protests during the Gaza massacre and so on. So it’s not just Hamas and Israel accused of human rights violations (though it’s interesting: Israel, Hamas and Fatah are all accused of human rights violations. Israel responds hysterically, Hamas supports the report, and Fatah pretends to support the report. In a way, this is telling).


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