Obama, Goldstone, Abbas

A fitting response to Obama’s win.

“Why didn’t the committee give the prize to Bush?” asked Iyad Burnat, head of the village’s Popular Committee Against the Wall, in a statement on Saturday.

“I remember nine years ago Bush had a good speech about the establishment of a Palestinian state in the year of 2005,” he said.

The British government has voiced cautious support for aspects of the Goldstone Report.

The UK ambassador to the UN, John Sawers, told Israel Army radio that the report on last winter’s Gaza war contains “some very serious details which need to be investigated by both the Palestinian authorities and the Israeli authorities.”

He added that “serious information” in the document gives rise to the suspicion that violations of the laws of war were committed.

Mr. Sawers took issue with the prevalent Israeli idea that the commission headed by South African judge Richard Goldstone had reached its conclusions in advance of its research. “This investigation was led by a serious figure, Richard Goldstone, a South African Jew with long experience in justice. It’s not as if he was in any way biased,” he said.

Israel responded by warning that if Israel is tried for war crimes, the UK could be next. Good: maybe Australian war criminals can wind up at the Hague too.

Meanwhile, Abbas has officially changed his mind on the Goldstone report. Too late. Of course, I already thought it was too late years ago, and wrote that he was a tool of the occupation, in an article written and published before news broke about his decision on the Goldstone Report had broken. But I hope the Palestinians do not relent: Abbas has to go, and Dahlan (and so on) too. Notice also how Abbas wants to investigate how this “mistake” happened. This is Abbas copying Israeli propaganda of the phony internal investigation. Everyone knows that this was Abbas’s decision. Abbas’s crimes are shocking, and Brockman had already complained (indirectly) that Abbas had been betraying the Palestinians at the UN.

“I wanted to help Palestine, but those who should supposedly have been most interested [in their national cause] denied their support for reasons of caution that I was incapable of understanding. We face an ugly situation of constant complicity with the aggression against the rights of the noble and long-suffering Palestinian people,” he explained.


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