No Faith in the Anti-Defamation Commission; Sensible Jew Hasbara

The Defamation Commission reaches out to non-Jews

Deborah Stone wrote a scurrilous report for the Anti-Defamation Commission months ago. She charged that newmatilda was anti-Semitic because of the people who were criticising Israel, singling out me and Loewenstein.  Among the signs of my anti-Semitism was the claim that Ben-Gurion compared the Revisionists to Hitler. Well, as I think Colbert has said, reality has a liberal bias.

Now she’s organising some sort of multifaith initiative, apparently including the Islamic Council of Victoria. Why would they agree to go along with an organisation that thinks all criticisms of Israel – even by Jews – is anti-Semitic? After newmatilda started moderating comments, the ADC explained that it wasn’t good enough because criticising Israel provokes anti-Semitism. Turns out, no one’s allowed to criticise the Israeli government, no matter what it does.  Her Islamic interlocutors are apparently from the Islamic Council of Victoria. Perhaps she doesn’t realise they also opposed the Gaza massacre. More to the point: why on earth would the Islamic Council of Victoria organise joint activities with a right wing Zionist organisation?

Sensible Jew

I will try not to be too brazen in my ridicule here. SJ suggests that Israel’s increasing bad public image is because the Palestinians are “feminised”. Whereas the Palestinians had Ashrawi, who was female, Zionist spokespeople are men. Therefore, Israel needs young women, and then its all smooth sailing for hasbara.

Perhaps she should change her blog to “Frivolous Jew”?


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