Ben Pobjie discovers internal memo of Hey Hey It’s Saturday


Group moved on to deciding which acts to include in new Red Faces segment. Final spot came down to choice between “Jackson Jive”, “Schmuckie the Jew With The Giant Nose”, “The Asian Driver Song”, and “Al-Boomah, the Exploding Arab Clown”. Mr Ostrich points out that Schmuckie may be a risky choice, given that judge Harry Connick Jr is Jewish and might take offence. In deference to Connick’s sensibilities, it is agreed not to put Schmuckie on. All agreed that a bullet has been dodged.

A lengthy discussion about relative merits of Jackson Jive versus the Arab Clown. Mr Blackman raised possibility of doing something “about the gays”, and was generally ignored. Mr Somers put issue to the vote, and “Jackson Jive” was selected to appear on Red Faces by a score of 3-2.


A very good article on Penny Wong and Labor on climate policy.


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