Blaming the Palestinians for their expulsion

I can’t stand this guy. Anyway, he writes:

Palestinians were not just passive victims in what they call the Nakba, as if it had been something like a natural catastrophe. Far from being only victims, they made decisions like choosing to follow Muhammad Amin al-Husseini who formed close ties with Nazi Germany.

Well, if the facts matter (and they never do to some people), the Mufti was actually a position created by the British, and al Husseini was appointed by the Brits too. He then blames the Palestinians for not accepting the overtures of Buber and Magnes. Uh, the Zionist leadership ignored them too. Pointing to fringe intellectuals that had no standing within their own society as reasons to blame the Arabs is unbelievable. It’s like saying: why are the Palestinians such rejectionists today? Why can’t they make peace with Israel, when its full of leftists like Balad and Gush Shalom and Anarchists Against the Wall?

Let us not delude ourselves: if the Arab armies that attacked the fledgling state of Israel had won, not a single Jew would have been allowed to stay in Palestine, and countless would have been killed. Israel won the 1948 war, and, as is well documented now, used the chaos of war to expel 750,000 Palestinians from Israel. This is a tragedy for the Palestinians, but they are not the only ones who pay a heavy price for losing wars.

It’s hard not to be impressed by his obvious compassion. Can you imagine someone saying: Well, the Jews suffered the Holocaust, which is really sad for them, but they’re not the only ones to suffer genocide. How magnanimous of this Zionist ideologue, to volunteer another people forget about their tragedy and move on. And of course, the Arabs would have kicked out all the Jews: turns out Zionist propaganda hasn’t changed since the 40s. And the incredible: “but choose to forget, conveniently, that the state of Jordan killed more Palestinians in one month than Israel throughout its history?” This is increasingly common in Zionist propaganda. Do they all meet together at some meeting? How do they all get the same misinformation? Anyway, according to Zionist fanatic Dershowitz (citing a high school syllabus and a Sony Movie), 3000 Palestinians were killed in Black September. But again, facts don’t matter. He concludes by saying people should be more like Salam Fayyad in moving peace forward. You see why I pointed out Salam Fayyad as a pillar of the occupation before he made his decision on the Goldstone report? He’s no different than the puppet leaders of the Bantustans in South Africa.


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