ABC’s Q and A with Sayle and Gupta; Settlements expanding;

At Galus Australis, a dude called Henry Herzog doesn’t like me (why am I a “so-called Jew”? Does this mean I’m not really Jewish?).

I’ve got no where else to express my anger about so-called Jews like Michael Brull, Alexi Sales and Antony Loewenstein. Thank goodness that people like Brull are such a minority and their views so abhorent to any person who sees what is going on. Even Amin Shaikel says that Iran has nuclear weapon ambitions, but Brull has his own views and a warped sense of reality. I reckon Ahmadinejad could sell him the Sydney Habour Bridge. …Israel keeps the Palestinians out because their terrorists want to blow up Jewish kids.

As you can imagine, I’m deeply upset this man disapproves of me. Alexei Sayles is an interesting case. He argues for the boycott. But it’s what the other people said that I found amazing.

ANTHONY ALBANESE: No, I support engagement. I am very critical of a lot of Israel’s policies. I, with Joe Hockey, helped set up the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine as a cross-party group to restore some balance to the debate.

Surely, this is a joke. Can anyone think of anytime at all either of them have said anything critical of Israel’s policies? Listen to what “Parliamentary Friends of Palestine” say when they turn up to Palestine events. Nothing. It’s an insult to fig leafs everywhere to say this rises to the level of fig leaf. There’s one Labor politician who spoke out on Palestine in Federal Parliament: Julia Irwin. That’s it. And she did it a few times over her career. But Deepa Gupta is the surprise. This supposed climate activist is completely alien to the left. She talks about the suffering of Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, and then “both sides” in Israel/Palestine. Perhaps next she will talk about the suffering of both sides in Iraq: the Iraqis and the occupiers. Anyway, I’ll post in full her inane response on the issue of a cultural boycott:

DEEPA GUPTA: I think with any – like, when you get – are in a war, like there’s so much hurt done on both sides that you can keep arguing for one side or you can keep arguing for the other side and I don’t think you actually get anywhere, and that’s what’s been happening. Like, people don’t understand the hurt that has been done on the other side. And, furthermore, like on the issue of cultural boycotts, like I understand the effectiveness of cultural boycotts but, at the same time, like I think music plays a really big role in bringing peace. Like earlier this year in India we did a climate solutions road tour and we had a solar powered rock band travelling with us and a dance troupe and – and these people were from America and they sang songs in Hindi and the most amazing thing was – you know, often, especially with rural communities, it takes weeks to build up trust with them and to help them understand what these issues are with music and dance we were able to break down these cultural barriers within 30 minutes. Like people were happy and dancing and open and really open to listen and I think that we need to acknowledge that music plays a really big role in connecting with people’s hearts and helping then understand each other.

I think the big threat facing the climate change movement is leaders. That is, creating centralised organisations based around activism, which become coopted by power structures. To her credit, Gupta calls for 350 ppm, and calls for Australia to set a target of 40% reductions.

As’ad AbuKhalil has an article at al Jazeera on Abbas et al. According to the Independent, the LRA is threatening Darfur.

Akiva Eldar reports that settlements are expanding even beyond what Netanyahu said they would.

Human rights activists monitoring the West Bank report that despite commitments Israel made to President Barack Obama’s administration last month, widespread building activity commenced three weeks ago in at least 12 settlements.

This work is not part of the projects that Israel and the United States had reached an understanding on. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak had agreed with the administration to complete some 2,500 housing units that were already in various stages of construction at the time.

The dozen sites do not appear on the list of 492 new housing units that the defense ministry issued after Barak approved their construction. Work on these units began after the list was released.

Construction work is also taking place in the settlements Tekoa, Nokdim, Alon Shvut, Alonei Shilo, Bakan, Givat Zeev, Dolev, Har Gilo, Talmon, Yitzhar, Kochav Yaakov, Kfar Adumim, Kfar Etzion, Mevo Horon, Matityahu, Naaleh, Etz Efraim, P’duel, Tzofim, Kedar and Kalia.

The Peace Now movement last week reported that ground preparing work for the construction of 800 housing units was being carried out in 34 settlements.

Watch Obama being heckled by Abunimah and various Palestine activists. Maybe we’ll see another video like this on youtube when Silvan Shalom visits.

2 Responses to “ABC’s Q and A with Sayle and Gupta; Settlements expanding;”
  1. Henry Herzog says:

    Mr. Brull, there is a big difference between engagement in dialogue and down right distortion of facts to further the case of Israel’s enemies, which is what you and Salyes do. I am all for a negotiated peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians to produce a lasting and just peace. And I wish Israel got out of the West Bank. But you blokes only fly the radical Palestinian flag. You haven’t said anything that supports a lasting two state solution to the conflict. You guys do upset me and you may have been born to Jewish mothers, but you are the anti-Semites best friends.

  2. michaelbrull says:

    Obviously, you’ve paid as much attention to what I’ve written as you have to Amin Shaikel and Alexi Salyes/Sales. Given your views, I’m proud you consider mine abhorrent. The feeling is mutual.

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