Finding a new puppet; climate change; Goldstone, Haaretz on settlements and Gideon Levy

I don’t think the increasingly critical coverage of Karzai in the mainstream media, like over his election fraud, should be seen as proof of media independence. For years, they were largely silent about his puppet regime and its network of warlords. Malalai Joya is known in the mainstream now: I’ve been reading her on leftist sites for years. All this shows is media subservience to power: once the US government decided it would look for a new puppet and didn’t like Karzai, suddenly he became the corrupt crook that he always was. What goes unmentioned is that he has always been a puppet of the US, because of what that would say aobut the occupation (though it’s hinted at: whenever articles talk like he’s letting us down: the supposedly sovereign leader of a foreign country is considered “ours”).

Independent on climate change negotiations.

A major stumbling block preventing an agreement is about where the money will come from to pay to help developing countries go low-carbon – which could cost $100bn (£61bn) a year by 2020.

Months of talks have failed to break a deadlock between developing nations, which blame the West for creating the problem, and richer countries uneasy at the prospect of footing the bill to help poorer nations go green.

Much is at stake. Unless a deal can be reached, many millions could go short on food and water, or find themselves battered by storms and floods on an unprecedented scale. Rising sea levels would submerge entire islands, such as the Maldives; with the death toll from climate change approaching hundreds of thousands a year.

Yes, we are among the bad guys.

Meanwhile, Goldstone complained that the UNHRC resolution didn’t criticise Hamas. Haaretz editorialises on Netanyahu’s expansion of settlements:

But the real problem is not the breaking of promises to the U.S. administration and Israeli public, but the severe damage that construction in the settlements is doing to Israel’s most important interests. Every new home or road compromises the probability of a partition plan based on forming a Palestinian state in the West Bank. Every hilltop construction approved by Netanyahu and Barak perpetuates the occupation and accelerates the gallop toward a binational state and the elimination of Zionism.

Under the cloak of their double-talk, the prime minister and defense minister are taking steps that ruin trust and endanger Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state.

Gideon Levy says Ehud Barak should resign. It is hard to see this happening. The Gaza massacre was very popular in Israel. Barak should be tried for crimes against humanity (in my opinion), but this won’t happen either. In fact, Labor, Kadima, Yisrael Beitenu and Likud all should be tried for crimes against humanity: the blockade. Anyway, Levy blasts Israeli political culture for what it should regard as the real scandals

What, do they really think Israel did not commit war crimes in Gaza? Do they really think that if someone receives a phone call in the dead of night, warning him to flee his home and evade death – at a time and place where he does not have anywhere to flee to – that this mitigates the responsibility borne by whoever bombs the home and the children living inside it?

What, they don’t think it’s a scandal that a person bleeding to death from stab wounds in front of an Israeli hospital is denied entry for treatment simply because he is Arab? The siege on Gaza is not a mega-scandal? The occupation is not a disgrace of historic proportions? The gargantuan sums of money, the truly corrupt money that is wasted here – is it not the same cash that is futilely poured into the settlement enterprise? Are the ministers’ perks the only outrageous wastefulness? Is it outrageous that Barak traveled to the Paris Air Show on behalf of the world’s fourth largest arms exporter, a country that sells its wares to every dark regime, a country whose test laboratories for those weapons are at times crueler than can be conceived? They know the answer to all these questions, yet they remain silent. The self-righteous one – “the sons of light,” as a few of them humbly refer to themselves.

The deed of the devil: The man now suspected of looting the budget and staying in luxury accommodations just so happens, by chance and strictly by chance, to be the man who over many years has been responsible for many of the scandals and crimes listed above. We will not remain silent nor will we forgive him for his nights of indulgence in Paris. Yet we will hail and applaud him, our eternal Mr. Security, for the nights of terror in Gaza. Because that is who we are. We are angrily stirred by trifling, trivial matters. We are apathetic to real scandals. Barak should have been ousted long ago. The bloodletting described in the Goldstone report – not the spending spree cited by the Lindenstrauss report – should have resulted in his dismissal.


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