Alan Howe, Obama in Eureka, JBD vs anti-Semitism, Palestinian water under occupation, Goldstone and Honduras

Alan Howe

Remember the racist lunatic who thought the Gazans should be bombed back into the stone age? He offers more defence of Israel. It begins:

The none-too-smart and ideologically unsound United Nations works on more simplistic levels – it sets angry Arabs to catch its Jews.

Works every time.

There’s no shortage of angry, resentful and underachieving Arabs at the UN, nor will it run out of like-minded Africans too soon.

By and large, Arabs and Africans are not good at democracy. They don’t do personal freedoms all that well. Many of them are fond of cruel and unusual punishments – you know, public stonings for miscreant young women wanting to marry the man of their choosing, that sort of thing.

That the UN powerlessly condemns such behaviour is, apparently, beside the point.

In a sneering perversion of logic, some Arab and African nations, to whom human rights are an unnecessary indulgence,

Now we know what he thinks of Africans and Arabs. Last time he wrote something like this, he was applauded by AIJAC for it. Perhaps this will be applauded too. It is reassuring that the most reactionary right wing bigots support Israel’s crimes. These are the natural allies of oppression, occupation, torture, blockade and crimes against humanity.


Readers will know by now what I think of Obama. In Eureka, I explain why he didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.


The JBD might have actually uncovered anti-Semitism. I’m surprised its staff knows how to read. When I saw the headline, I assumed that the textbook simply mentioned Israel or something like that: the JBD has no credibility at all on anti-Semitism.

The racist occupation: Palestinians deserve water

The  Independent reports on Amnesty condemning Israel for discriminatory allocation of water in the West Bank.

An Amnesty International report paints a picture of many Palestinian families struggling – and often failing – to secure enough water for drinking, cleaning, and agriculture while Israelis, including residents of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, have all they need for lush, irrigated farmland, swimming pools and gardens.

It claims the 450,000 settlers who have taken up residence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since the Six-Day War in 1967 consume as much as or more than the 2.3 million Palestinians living in the West Bank. It says the overall Palestinian per capita consumption of 70 litres per day compares with the WHO recommended level of 100 litres and Israeli consumption of 300.

The report adds that between 180,000 and 200,000 Palestinians living in rural communities – especially in the Israeli controlled “Area C” which comprises 60 per cent of the West Bank – have no access to running water. According to Amnesty, the Israeli military “often” prevents them from accessing rainwater – for example by destroying water-harvesting cisterns or even confiscating water tankers.

In Gaza, the report says 90-95 per cent of the water from the coastal aquifer which has traditionally supplied it, is now unfit for human consumption. It adds that Israel’s refusal to allow water to be exported from the West Bank to Gaza, now compounded by the embargo on materials for infrastructure development and repair, have brought Gaza’s water and sewage system to “crisis point.”

Goldstone Report

Israel is setting up a sham inquiry into the Goldstone report to declare Israel the most moral army in the world. If their commanders travel overseas, they’re going to be arrested throughout Europe for war crimes. The inquiry is obviously a joke, because everyone from Netanyahu down has made clear that they think there’s nothing to investigate. And of course, Labor, the leftest part of the coalition, is led by Barak who most strongly opposes an investigation.

Abbas, meanwhile, is threatening to resign. Allegedly its because Netanyahu is so intransigent. I hope he does resign. Him and Fayyad, and Dahlan and really the whole Fatah party should dissolve itself. And for that matter, the pseudo Palestinian government under occupation, which legitimises the occupation in the same way the puppet governments of the Bantustans did.


Avi Lewis is featured on Democracy Now. He filmed a doco about his time in Honduras, showing the repression under the military dictatorship (it should be called a military dictatorship now that it’s a few months since the coup).

One Response to “Alan Howe, Obama in Eureka, JBD vs anti-Semitism, Palestinian water under occupation, Goldstone and Honduras”
  1. All through this year, right from when the Gazan War happened to the UN report, Alan Howe has been spewing anti-Arab rhetoric. It’s disgusting to read, because it’s so naked in its hatred of Arabs and Muslims.

    Howe doesn’t even try to blur it by coming up with half-baked arguments. Nor does he try to manipulate facts and statistics to prove his arguments.

    He doesn’t do any of that – either he isn’t smart enough to (why would someone that dumn get a newspaper column?) or he’s so blinded in his politics that he’s autistic in his politics, he cannot understand that other people have other POW (why would someone who can’t figure out that people have different POW get a newspaper column?).

    Can people please keep attacking him? It’s time the public stood up and shoved hate-filled columns like his and Andrew Bolt’s off the newspaper sheets.

    Also, I’ve been trying to find a biography on Alan Howe, but have yet not been able to find one. Does anyone know of one?

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