Koutskoukis in the Age. Abbas denies reports he’s resigning. I’m not surprised, though don’t rule it out: the US and Israel have picked their favoured puppet: Fayyad.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ official spokesman yesterday denied reports he had threatened to resign because of the impasse in the peace process. In two telephone conversations with US President Barack Obama last week, Mr Abbas is reported to have said he was ”fed up”.

”I don’t know what you Americans want from me,” he is reported as saying. ”You don’t want me to hold elections, you don’t want me to form a united Palestinian government, you pressure me not to sign a reconciliation agreement with Hamas and, at the same time, you give [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu support to continue with his settlement policy.”

It’s rough being a puppet. The open contempt of Likud doesn’t make his life easy. I wish it was harder. I wish he lived in Gaza. He could stay in the bombed out remains of a house destroyed in the attack he supported, and wait for reconstruction that won’t come because he supports the blockade, which prevents the arrival of concrete.


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