Jenny Macklin and the RDA

Okay, I don’t like politicians, and I don’t endorse the Greens. But they cover an issue that otherwise no one would, and that wasn’t considered important enough to make the news.

The Australian Greens today introduced legislation in the Senate designed to restore the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) in the Northern Territory after the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin failed to meet her second self-imposed deadline to deliver on this promise.

“It was and continues to be a disgrace that the NT Emergency Response specifically excludes the operation of the RDA,” said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

“After almost two years in power and a review of the NTER which recommended the RDA be re-instated immediately, the Government has not acted. This delay in re-instating the basic human rights of the Indigenous people of the Northern Territory is inexcusable and must be rectified.”

“There is no doubt that the NTER legislation, in suspending the operation of the RDA, is contrary to Australia’s international obligations and is harming our reputation overseas,” said Senator Siewert.

“Quite frankly, this is an international embarrassment.”

All credit to the Greens for actually opposing racial discrimination in Australia. Shame on every other party for disagreeing. And shame on our media for ignoring the issue.


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