The illegal war on Iraq, Switzerland bans minarets, Obama escalating Afghan war, Avnery, Honduran “elections”, Fiji and Video of the NT (sham) consultations

Dvir Abramovich complains that Family Guy is anti-Semitic. Really, this guy seems to spend his time looking for ways to be offended about those who don’t spend as much time being solemn about the Holocaust as him. Blair was warned in advance that the war on Iraq was illegal, and the memo is now public. … Continue reading

Indigenous services underfunding explained; ECAJ claims increase in anti-Semitism [except for violence and graffiti, which has decreased]

Sorry, oh loyal readers. Other commitments and so on mean I’ve been too busy, and have had to devote energies to the intervention and climate change elsewhere. This is a fucking outrage. THE Northern Territory Labor government has for the past five years diverted $2 billion earmarked for indigenous disadvantage and other key services to … Continue reading

Bibi freezes settlements; Shlomo Sand reviewed

Shlomo Sand’s book is reviewed in Ha’aretz and NYT and they both argue that his central claims are in fact not controversial among experts. NYT: Despite the fragmented and incomplete historical record, experts pretty much agree that some popular beliefs about Jewish history simply don’t hold up: there was no sudden expulsion of all Jews … Continue reading

Isi Leibler, Haussegger (again), Shirin Ebadi, monogamy, Fiji, Amy Goodman vs Canada, Bronner on killing Palestinians as cutting grass

Isi Leibler’s sober article on Israel. “Even under a right-wing government, a broad consensus in Israel supports a two-state solution and is desperate not to rule over the Palestinians.” Even Mahmoud Abbas is not considered adequately pro-Israel. “The other is the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, headed by Abbas, who we are told represents … Continue reading

Koutsoukis on settlements and Bibi

He’s getting better. He actually reports the facts and doesn’t just repeat government claims anymore. Under Netanyahu’s plan for a freeze, construction of 2500 partly built units in the West Bank can be completed. So can construction on another 500 units in the West Bank announced this year. Construction of schools, synagogues, and other public … Continue reading

Bibi’s way of making peace, with crucial US support

Netanyahu style of freezing settlements: The security cabinet voted yesterday to impose a partial 10-month freeze on construction in West Bank settlements, which will not apply to East Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday. He said the partial freeze was a bid to restart stalled peace talks with the Palestinians. The construction of 3,000 … Continue reading

The intervention (just a bit for now)

I’ve been super busy over the past week, following the racist NTI, the sham consultations, the threatened expansion and so on. I wrote a review of the CIRCA report (CIRCA monitored government consultations, and claimed to show they were satisfactory and honest. CIRCA’s report actually revealed the opposite), and will try to write it up … Continue reading

Jamie Hyams in the Jewish News

AIJAC’s Jamie Hyams in the Jewish News (27 November 2009) notes that Rihab Charida spoke at the Sydney Forum, and that she works for Press TV. Presumably, that was plagiarised from my blog. I hope he’s noticed my ridicule of his column. Hyams has repeatedly endorsed the most vile and disgusting columns by Alan Howe, … Continue reading

Angry Arab

Always pithy and incisive. The Palestinian people deserve much better than this current leadership. In Hamas you have a party that has subscribed to the unacceptable Oslo Accords and its repercussions and has shifted from resisting the occupation to imposing a dress code on school girls – and lying about too. On the other side … Continue reading

Naomi Klein and Angry Arab.

Angry Arab is intimidating. Also – the compromise between Liberals and Labor on climate change legislation essentially means we face bipartisan opposition to climate change action. This will go down as a dark day. Naomi Klein talks about climate change reparations. It’s important, but it won’t happen. In fact, 75% of the historical carbon emissions … Continue reading