Rihab Charida

So far as I can tell, I’ve mentioned Rihab Charida twice on the internet, though it’s possible more. Recently, on the IAJV website, she’s noticed criticisms I’ve made of her, and responded. I’m not going to argue with a bigot, but I think her record should be better known. Specifically, she spoke at a forum for fascists and anti-Semites. She says she didn’t realise who she was addressing until shortly before she spoke. According to her, she spoke about European colonialism and then about Jewish supremacism (yes, that’s how she talks) and Israel (which she calls Palestine) and the Palestinians. According to the Nazis who attended, they gathered from her talk that she was there for the Jew haters. You can tell from this how she chose to confront her audience. She has no idea how outrageous her appearance was, but that’s because she doesn’t care about anti-Semitism. And as I said on the old blog, I first privately corresponded with her before I realised and said she was anti-Semitic to her – which she publically revealed.

Anyway, she responded on the blog, I asked her a question, and of course she avoided the question with a new one, which nevertheless is revealing enough.


It has been well over a year that you have tried to defame me. I can’t say I fully understand, but I also can’t say that I fully want to.

Yes I did speak at a fascist event. It is okay to not like me Michael. But it is not okay to try and represent me in ways that are untrue. People know me, many of the readers of your little rant about me, know me. I don’t think your opinion can do much to convince people.

Below I have posted a link to an explanation I wrote after shortly after my talk at the neo-nazi forum (which I know you read 😉 ). It’s written poorly but the gist of what I wanted to say is there.


Michael there are genuine racist and oppressive forces out there. Surely a Palestinian woman who has been active against racism and colonialism in Australia and Palestine and elsewhere, is not the best target for you. If you put as much energy into defaming them as you have put into me over the past two years alone, you would be doing a great thing. Every few months somebody emails me something you’ve written about me and I wonder…until when? Feel free to continue but know what it is you are saying about me and know who I am, if only so that others can take you seriously.

I would like to comment about one point that you raise in your piece: “Those who support justice for the Palestinians cannot do so without supporting justice for Jews in Israel/Palestine too”. This comment is akin to saying (at the time of Apartheid) those who support justice for South Africans cannot do so without supporting justice for Afrikaners in South Africa too. Some didn’t Michael. I was one of them. I was young but I remember not caring about the Afrikaners. And that’s not because I hate white people but because I hate colonialism and I hate Apartheid. And I still do.

I responded

Every few months? Could you please provide links for me?

In your last paragraph, you make an analogy, to say that you didn’t support justice for Afrikaners in South Africa (and the reasons for this position still apply). Would it be correct to say that the point of your analogy is that you don’t support justice for Jews in Israel/Palestine?

If so, would you agree that you’re prejudiced against Jews?

Rihab replied:

In fact what you are suggesting is that people involved in the anti-Apartheid struggle of South Africa, should have been concerned for the justice of Afrikaners. Is it not?

Of course, Rihab doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Those who struggled against Apartheid were concerned for the rights of white people in South Africa, and the ANC is well known for reaching out to white people with an inclusive vision – a telling contrast to Hamas (or Rihab).

So, as just one example, take the case of the Political report adopted by the Consultative Conference of the ANC at the Morogoro Conference Tanzania May 1969, “Strategy and tactics of the South African Revolution”. It held “We are revolutionaries, not narrow nationalists. Committed revolutionaries are our brothers to whatever group they belong.” And it goes on like that, talking about how they embrace revolutionary whites (ie, those who opposed apartheid) in their ranks. [from Alex La Guma (editor) (1972) Apartheid: A Collection of Writings on South African Racism by South Africans. London, Lawrence and Wishart. p 201]. The freedom charter, for example, begins with its first point that  “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white”.

Rihab, on the other hand, thinks Jews in Palestine (all of it) should go back to Europe. To my mind, she isn’t really different from early political Zionists: members of an oppressed group, who sought national liberation at the expense of another people.


If I remember/heard correctly, Rihab’s struggle for human rights is sometimes conducted as a reporter for… Press TV. Yes, Iranian propaganda state tv. I’m sure that she’s just as zealous in her struggle for Iranian rights under Islamic clerical oppression as she is in her struggle for Palestinian rights under Zionist oppression.

4 Responses to “Rihab Charida”
  1. jewinthefat says:

    I went to university with this girl, and it probably would not surprise you that I maintained good relations with her as a person, but once it was revealed I was a Jew and self-described Zionist, I was not worth acknowledging in the hallways – except of course, for a hastily arranged backhanded comment about my beliefs.

    The mark of a highly evolved ideology is that it seeks not only to realise its own ambition, but also recognises its complement in others, and wrestles just as valiantly to facilitate the aspirations of that other. That other which could possibly be its competitor for the affections of the masses. For without this community, ideology is nothing but a self-important notion that life could be, would be, should be.

  2. michaelbrull says:

    Dear Jewinthefat, I think I may know you. You also went to Moriah, right?

    I imagine you’d be untroubled by that. Saying you’re a self-described Zionist is hardly as simple and uncomplicated as you think. Rihab’s family is from Safsaf, where the Israeli army killed 10 members of her family, before expelling the rest of the inhabitants. Her family, of course, cannot return to their homes.

    What do you think saying you’re a Zionist would mean to her?

  3. jewinthefat says:

    No, didn’t go to Moriah.

    I would imagine the same thing it would mean should a Muslim reveal themself as such to an Australian who’s family member had been killed in Bali.

  4. michaelbrull says:

    I won’t say how appalling I find your comment. I’ll simply say the only thing that in my mind distinguishes you from Rihab is ethnicity.

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