Afghanistan and Goldstone Report

For all the journos who have recently discovered that Karzai’s crooked, it’s not hard to conclude they simply serve power and know that its okay to criticise him now that the US openly opposes his government. Patrick Cockburn, on the other hand, is an extremely well informed journalist, who has done excellent work in Afghanistan and Iraq. His take on the elections is insightful, as is typical for him.

Meanwhile, Britain and France are fighting against the Goldstone Report, trying to force the rest of the world to abandon support for it at the UN, by demanding that it only be brought to UN forums with no teeth (like at the Hague, or Security Council). It’s appalling. I think Israel must be taking stock of the massacre now – the populations of countries across the world are furious with it, but governments haven’t matched any of this. Turkey has made threats,  and one demonstration of non-cooperation, but looks like continuing with its alliance with Israel. Arab countries of course have largely sold out the Palestinians. And Europe remains as complicit as anyone, with the possibility of promising developments only from within some Scandinavian countries. Otherwise, the only real change has been Venezuela’s opposition to Israel. When the Goldstone Report blows over, Israel will feel free to commit a new massacre – perhaps Lebanon again. And I want to make it clear: if Israel launches another massacre of that scale, I will support a total boycott of the Israeli government.


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