Iraqi fragging. Abbas; Teitel, the BNP Zionists, Chomsky on the NPT

I noticed this too. The headline of the Haaretz article says the gunman who shot a bunch of American soldiers on a military base was of “Palestinian origin”. I’m not even sure if this is true. Yet the point is clear: his violence is explained perhaps by his genes. I really don’t think it should be considered so difficult to understand why he did what he did. This will undoubtedly come as a gift to neo-fascist anti-Muslim bigots, who will use it as an excuse to advocate extreme measures against Muslims. I think at this time, it might be worthwhile to remember that during Vietnam, this practice became so common a term was invented for it (fragging). And fragging wasn’t only practiced by people with the wrong ancestry. There’s still not very much info on what happened. A bit here.

Mouin Rabbani is sceptical Abbas is really going. After all, the elections he called for January have no legitimacy: there’s no reason to think they’ll happen. If he wanted to, he could actually resign. Even Fayyad has threatened to resign. For puppets, it’s their only weapon against the occupier: I’ll stop doing your bidding. Ultimately, it will be up to Israel and the US whether Abbas resigns or stands in the next election. I think Abbas has become a liability, and they may be stupid enough to think trying Fayyad will work out for them. It’s hard to understand what Netanyahu would want. He won’t agree to withdrawing from the occupied territories, so he can hardly want a credible Palestinian leader of the PA. However, Hamas and Fatah do not engage in resistance right now, so this is the perfect status quo for him. He’s probably ok with Abbas refusing to negotiate, because he doesn’t want to negotiate, and this refusal improves the credibility of Abbas, who would otherwise be seen as a puppet who watches whilst the rest of Palestine is colonised.

This is revealing. After Teitel admitted to killing two Palestinians, the Shin Bet used him as an informant for a little while on the far Israeli right. Then he committed his real crime: attacking a Jew. That couldn’t be tolerated.

This is not surprising: I already predicted this.

The British National Party has leapt on comments by Israel’s Interior Minister, Eli Yishai, to suggest that the extreme-right party shares a common immigration policy with Israel.

Mr Yishai claimed that foreign workers brought diseases into Israel and that their presence threatened the Jewish and Zionist identity of the state.

He also attacked cabinet colleagues who were in favour of allowing the children of illegal foreign workers to remain in Israel.

The BNP website stated: “The demand of Israel to be a Jewish state underpins the existence of that nation — and is identical to the British National Party’s demand for Britain to remain an ethnically majority British state.”

“If hundreds of thousands of migrant workers come here now, they will bring with them a profusion of diseases: hepatitis, measles, tuberculosis, Aids and drug addiction,” said Mr Yishai, claiming that they “threaten the Zionist project in the state of Israel. I need to choose between popularity and hypocrisy: how will I appear to the journalists today, or how will I appear to the state of Israel in 20 years’ time.”

Chomsky on Iranian nuclear weapons, and a worthy Nobel Peace nominee: Malalai Joya. The US State department blasts Israeli religious intolerance.


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