Julian Morrow, Jason Koutsoukis

Julian Morrow of Chaser fame’s great Olle Lecture. I am, of course, a big admirer of the Chaser Team. Anyway, he argues that the ABC freaking out over the Make a Realistic Wish sketch was deplorable. He’s entirely right: the ABC should have supported them. Freedom of speech, as Morrow rightly notes, must include the right to offend people, and I think he makes the point well.

Koutsoukis has two articles today on Palestine. In the first one, he thinks contenders to replace Abbas in Fatah are Mustafa or Marwan Barghouti, or Salam Fayyad. I think this is a little frivolous. Mustafa ran on an independent (and unpopular) list (PNI I think), and is now the head of “information” or whatever ministry means propaganda. He’s actually a pretty effective spokesperson. I think it’s a shame he’s gotten involved in politics. Nevertheless, there’s no way he’ll lead Fatah. Marwan, on the other hand, is in jail, and is too credible, and poses the threat of peace and a withdrawal from the occupied territories for Israel. Fatah is the collaborationist party, so they wouldn’t let Marwan out of jail (he also supports military resistance to the occupation).

Koutsoukis in this other article writes: “1967 – the year Israel occupied Palestinian territory”. This is pretty good for the smh.


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