Jewish News: When ethnic cleansing is ok

In the Jewish News of October 30, an article is headlined “Another side of the debate”. The article begins: “Shomron spokesperson David Ha’ivri told a Melbourne audience that if Palestinians are not loyal to the State of Israel they should leave.”

He thinks that (paraphrase) “Palestinians could and should live in any of the other Arab states, rather than Israel.” Direct quote: if non-Jews “intend to be disloyal to the country, then they need to find other places to live and there are plenty [of those].”

The next week, David Ha’ivri writes a letter saying that he never called the Gaza settlement withdrawal a pogrom. He just thinks its ethnic cleansing. Another letter, by Moshe Elkman, thanks the Melbourne Jewish community for its “widespread support of David Ha’ivri”. He visited the King David School, Yeshiva Beth Rivkah Colleges, and Leibler Yavneh College. And spoke to a multitude of synagogues and youth groups, and had a two hour meeting with Michael Danby. (the author of this letter is the Chairman of Australian Friends of Gush Katif and Shomron). Elkman explains that “Those who speak of the “disenfranchisement of the local Arab populations” do not seem to comprehend that the answer is not “disenfranchisement of the Jewish population of Israeli towns,” butthe recognition of Jewish sovereignty in all Israel.”

You see, in the October 30 edition of AJN, Herzog found things about his speech problematic. For example, he had compared the disengagement to “pogroms and ethnic cleansing”. This is considered outrageous: how dare someone criticise anything the Israeli government did in such language. He says that Ha’ivri said Arabs living in the West Bank had “to be loyal to Israel or go elsewhere. Ha’ivri did not consider that in another generation or so, there will be more Arabs under Israel’s jurisdiction, and what will then become of Israel’s democracy.” He concludes that having “millions of disenfranchised Arabs under Israeli rule is no also no solutions.”

Nowhere does he object on moral grounds to anything Ha’ivri said (his objection to expelling Palestinians is practical. His objection to calling the settlement dismantlement however was on moral grounds: how dare Israel be compared to pogroms in Russia)

Finally, there’s a third letter in defence of Ha’ivri, against Herzog. They speak of the anguish of the settlers from Gush Katif in Gaza, and concludes that “David Ha’ivri gave a very clear solution to the problem of disenfranchisement of both Arabs and Jews – that is to finally acknowledge Jewish sovereignty over the complete land of Israel. Only then will we have real peace.”

Oh, and remember that racist article by Alan Howe, suggesting that “By and large, Arabs and Africans are not good at democracy”? Jamie Hyams in the AJN (30/10/09) in his AIJAC Media Week column quotes his favourite bits from the article. The quotes are introduced by saying “Alan Howe pointed out that ”

This is not the first time Hyams has endorsed an article by Howe.

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