Abbas, Liberal sceptics, Netanyahu offers to colonise Palestinian land more slowly, and Honduras

Abbas the angry puppet:

”I don’t know what the Israelis want,” he said. ”They must start thinking about what needs to be done if they really want peace.”

He insisted he was not setting preconditions for joining another round of negotiations.

If it wasn’t so horrible, he’d be a comic figure. Well he is a comic figure, but this would be more funny than it is appalling.

Nick Minchin and Bronwyn Bishop think most Liberal MPs are climate change skeptics.

Netanyahu… says he will generously slow construction of settlements.

The situation in Honduras is unbelievable. The US basically forced on Zelaya the Arias mediation process. Instead of pressuring Micheletti’s illegitimate coup government, they quietly supported it, were silent on its human rights violations, denounced Zelaya when he was able to get back into the country he was elected to lead… and now they support the “process”: that is, an agreement to reinstate Zelaya as president, which Micheletti has unilaterally violated.


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