The American standard of scholarship on the Israeli Palestine conflict

Ok, so the respected NYRB, at the fringes of American liberal dissident, Agha and Malley.

The idea of Israeli–Palestinian partition, of a two-state solution, has a singular pedigree. It has been proposed for at least eight decades. Jews first accepted it as Palestinians recoiled; by the time Palestinians warmed to the notion in the late 1980s, Israelis had turned their backs.

In a sense this is unusual

Perpetuating the status quo is a quite different alternative. It is a one-state outcome of a kind, though not of the multiethnic, democratic sort. Today, in effect, a single state reaches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, in which Palestinians are imprisoned in Gaza, occupied in the West Bank, or discriminated against in Israel.

Admitting they face discrimination is uncommon. But I do not admire either author.


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