The Muslims are coming!

Pat Robertson, well known secularist, warns against Muslims. Andrew Bolt has a go too. (“How much of a threat is Islam to a secular, multi-ethnic society like America’s – and ours?”)

Rupert Murdoch interviewed. Surely he has one of the worst international influences compared to any other single figure in the world.

Mendes and Dryenfurth – and remember, Mendes claims to be left wing – published in Murdoch’s Australian again. I’d say they embarass themselves everytime they write something, but presumably they don’t actually even know people laugh at them. They say, for example, that the left called for “a democratic secular state of Palestine. The latter term was a disingenuous euphemism for an ethno-religious Islamic Arab state, given that most Palestinian Muslims are highly religious.” In fact, it’s well known that Palestinians are not religious. They also fail to mention the existence of Palestinian Christians. More obviously, Fatah was never an Islamist political movement, but they seek to pretend it was. This is their way of dealing with leftists: they’re basically all Islamists. Presumably, this applies also to people like Azmi Bishara and George Habash. This reminds me of Benny Morris – he says even Christians are taking on jihadi discourse. It’s like a computer with an algorithm where you can input whatever you like, and the end result is the evil Muslims want to impose sharia.

Consider also this:

The higher the tide of violence perpetrated by the Palestinians, the greater the fury and blame directed at the Israeli victims. The March 2002 attacks provoked the Israeli invasion of the leading West Bank cities in an attempt to destroy the terror networks, and stop the carnage. Yet the first Australian petition for an academic boycott of Israel initiated by a small clique of Australian academics after this invasion in May 2002 was directed at the victims of terror.

Another group condemned Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s visit to Israel last June.

They do not even notice violence against Palestinians. They consider response to Israel’s massacre in Gaza another example of a high tide of violence committed… by the Palestinians. Slaughtering dozens of Palestinians in Jenin and so on is an attempt to “stop the carnage”, rather than a cause of it, because when Palestinians are killed, that’s not carnage, but dead Israelis is. We learn a lot from them about what sorts of lives are considered valuable and which ones are not. They say the Israeli government was the victim of terror (note: this was the target of protests, not Israelis). Hence, all criticisms of Israel are basically to be deemed anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist. This is the Zionist left in Australia. They also come close to endorsing Kadima’s convergence:

More and more Israelis and diaspora Jews understand that Israel will not only have to freeze West Bank settlements, but eventually dismantle at the very least all settlements east of the security barrier.

This is the Olmert/Livni convergence program. Look at how they support Israeli expansionism, they of the responsible Zionist left.


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