Australian racism

Racial profiling:

the commander of the Middle Eastern Crime Squad

They’re not worried about crime in (say) Egypt. Note how the point of the article is all about how sad it is that cops can’t do their jobs because of, you know, hint hint, people in Auburn.  Based entirely on police sources: they claim they’re being held back because of political correctness. Yes, clearly that’s the only problem with a “Middle Eastern Crime Squad” in Australia.

Why so many Aborigines are in jail:

A 12-YEAR-OLD Aboriginal boy will face a children’s court today charged with receiving a stolen Freddo frog.

The chocolate frog, allegedly shoplifted by the accused child’s friend from a Coles supermarket in regional Western Australia, usually retails for about 70 cents.

The boy, who has no prior convictions, also faces a second charge involving the receipt of a small novelty sign from another store. The sign, which was also allegedly given to the boy by his friend, read: ”Do not enter, genius at work”.

Paul Sheehan explains violence against women:

The killer’s name was Marc Lepine, though he was born Gamil Gharbi, an Algerian French-Canadian whose Algerian father believed women must be subservient to men.

That explains it. He goes on: “Even in advanced Western societies like Australia, where the ideals of feminism are basically triumphant“…  Unperturbed by what he goes on to talk about: pervasive violence against women in the West. Of course, it’s all nonsense, and Sheehan is obviously no feminist, but it’s a useful way of calling us civilised, unlike them. (yes, he speaks like that. For example, Montreal is a “highly civilised Western city”. Presumably unlike cities in the Middle East, which are uncivilised)



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