Hamid Dabashi’s lurch continues

Dabashi in Al Ahram.

Violence is violence and violence must be condemned — genocidal, homicidal, or suicidal. The Israeli genocidal violence against Palestinians does not justify Palestinian suicidal violence against Israelis — it just exacerbates it. American homicidal violence in Afghanistan and Iraq does not justify Afghan or Iraqi suicidal violence either — it just extends its madness. Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Hindus are today at each other’s throat. We have inherited a politics of despair that has reduced us to desperate measures. In revenge to what the world has done to Afghanistan, it is as if the whole world is being reduced to Afghanistan — a disparate people desperately in search of an illusive peace, robbed of their dignity, commanding culture, sustained civility, moral whereabouts, and at the mercy of drug traffickers, highway bandits, and supersonic bombers alike. Iran is today ruled by a criminal band of militant Taliban lookalikes — savagely beating, raping, torturing, and point blank murdering the people they are supposed to protect. They are, as Mehdi Karrubi once famously put it, worse than Zionists, for the Zionists do what they do to Palestinians, not to Israelis.

Note how Dabashi effectively opposes all military resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, why is that worse than Zionism? Would Zionism be worse if it oppressed Jews, and not Palestinians? This seems to me little more than ethnic chauvinism.

Meanwhile, the Honduran struggle continues.


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