Australian racism in schools; Koutsoukis

Rees opposes limiting political funding. Greens Lee Rhiannon criticises him.  ‘”‘Mr Rees has made no commitment to ban corporate donations, limit individual donations or apply a cap on election expenditure,” she said.”

Our schools are really racist.

MORE than two-thirds of young people are the victims of racism at school, with first-generation migrant women in years 11 and 12 most at risk.

A national study has found that racism permeates Australian schools, with 80 per cent of secondary students from non-Anglo backgrounds and 55 per cent of students from Anglo backgrounds saying they had experienced racial vilification.

Interviews conducted with 900 secondary school students across Australia also found Anglo-Australian youths displayed consistent prejudice towards other cultural groups, particularly towards darker-skinned students from places such as Africa and India.The report, released yesterday by the Foundation for Young Australians, showed racial abuse ranged from verbal insults to cultural stereotyping, with its impact influenced by gender, age and the type of school.

many students who experienced racism did not report it, with about half telling a teacher and only 12 per cent informing the police.

We should look at this more broadly. Kids aren’t racist in a vacuum.

This just in: Jason Koutsoukis does actual first hand reporting on conditions in Israel and Palestine.

No one disputes Abdel Fattah Abed Rabbo owns the 50 hectares of land he calls home. He has the Ottoman, Jordanian and Israeli government papers to prove it.Mr Abed Rabbo’s problem is that even though his land lies within the Palestinian West Bank territory, Israel says the land is also within the City of Jerusalem’s municipal borders.

”They tell me that I am living here illegally,” Mr Abed Rabbo told the Herald this week.

”I have been told to leave.”

Jerusalem town planners have designated the area covered by Mr Abed Rabbo’s land to be the site of the new settlement of Givat Yael, a development of 14,000 apartments that would make it one of Jerusalem’s largest settlements.

This is “natural growth” of settlements – building homes for Jews on Palestinian land. This is actually a good report by Koutsoukis, he deserves credit for it. I don’t think his political analysis is very impressive though.

Despite its ostensibly tough stance, the Obama Administration has sent mixed signals.

Last month the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, praised Mr Netanyahu’s offer as ”unprecedented”. But in the face of a furious response across the Arab world, and the announcement by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, that he would quit politics, Mr Obama has renewed his insistence that Israel halt all settlement construction.

These aren’t mixed signals. They’re differences in rhetoric, whilst the US shields Israel from international criticisms, and basically pays for the settlements in the meanwhile.

Oh, and an article on the struggle for Western Sahara. In between the diplomatic “disputed territory” language, it acknowledges the important facts:

Morocco has occupied the former Spanish colony since 1975, refusing to give the indigenous Sahrawi population a say on independence.

the Polisario Front, a Sahrawi nationalist movement that fought a 16-year desert war against Morocco.The conflict ended in 1991, with both parties agreeing to a UN-sponsored referendum on self-determination for the Sahrawi people. But Morocco has consistently blocked the vote, and the Polisario remains in exile in Algeria, behind a massive sand wall manned by tens of thousands of Moroccan soldiers.

In recent years, King Mohammed, of Morocco, has said independence was no longer on the table; autonomy was the best available option for Sahrawis.


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