I don’t get why this guy pretends to be “reclaiming” things for the left. Why doesn’t he just admit he’s a conservative, which is why he’s so welcome in Murdoch media?

Or how climate change sceptics are condemned as nothing short of evil.

Or how supporters of an asylum-seeker policy based on national self-determination are denounced as heartless racists.

Surely, these are the only things worth condemning in these issues.

If in doubt about the dangers involved, we need look only at the example of the US, where the public culture has frozen into deep polarisation. There is no longer civil disagreement, only divisive rancour and partisan dogma. What gets lost is not just respect for other citizens but also a sense of a common good. It is no accident that rampant individualism has been most pronounced in American society.

Basically, he’s an Obama style liberal. I wish American political discourse wouldn’t migrate to Australia. It’s ugly enough there. Note how he doesn’t bother naming the people he disagrees with – just nameless category smears.


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