Obama says

He told CNN he believed his Afghan policy needed to include an endgame because ”unless you impose that kind of discipline, [US policy] could end up leading to a multiyear occupation that won’t serve the interests of the United States”.

This isn’t impressive: the point is, the public is turning on the war, and Obama’s starting to offer the weakest of rhetorical overtures to them.

Australia goes back to jailing women and chidlren. Meanwhile, Israel is angry at Europe.

Senior Israeli figures have voiced anger at a European survey labelling their country the greatest threat to world peace. Nearly 60% of Europeans said yes when asked in the Eurobarometer survey if Israel presents a threat to peace, putting it ahead of Iran, North Korea and the US, each of which polled 53%.

“We are not only said but outraged. Not at European citizens but at those who are responsible for forming public opinion,” Israel’s mission to the EU said in a statement.

Silvan Shalom – visiting Australia soon – doesn’t care.

Anshell Pfeffer – not a leftist – in Haaretz criticises the so called Israel lobbies.

But the real problem with today’s Israel lobby, in Britain and the United States, is not with its finances and their lack of transparency but with its entire mind-set. The basic fact is that by its actions, the lobby is now causing Israel more harm than good. That’s the point Oborne almost totally missed. On every level – moral, political, diplomatic, economic, military and religious – this country is being rapidly corrupted and damaged by the continuing occupation of the West Bank. By granting blanket support to all policies of whatever Israeli government happens to be in power, and by branding critics of these policies as either self-hating Jews or anti-Semites, they’re contributing to Israel’s siege mentality and delaying the day when Israelis will finally realize that there’s only one practical and ethical alternative.

Hamas denies negotiating with the Zionist entity. Really, no one should believe any of the lousy governments in Palestine and Israel.

Johann Hari explains American democracy.


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