Colonial feminism

Colonial feminism:

Having ruled his fiefdom with unchallenged power for some 40 years, Gaddafi remains utterly contemptuous of the West; its traditions, rule of law, and its various religions. Most importantly, he is contemptuous of Western women.

In the compelling read “Cruel and Usual Punishment”, author Nonie Darwish adds her voice to the likes of Ayyan Hirsi Ali, Shirin Ebadi, Malalai Joya, and Phyllis Chesler, in detailing despicable levels of violence and humiliation against women in Muslim nations. Yet the gender apartheid these women highlight is taken to a whole new level of fury by Wafa Sultan, [Emphasis added. Look at the people she respects. It’s sad that she cites Shirin Ebada and Malalai Joya, who are actually principled and brave human rights activists, who would want nothing to do with Haussegger [or her favourites like Nonie Darwish]]

A Syrian born psychiatrist, Sultan is famed as the first and only Muslim woman to shout at a cleric to shut up.

Yes, Ms Haussegger, this is the first and only time a woman has ever shouted at a cleric. I’m amazed a major paper can run something like this.


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