Angry Arab

Always pithy and incisive.

The Palestinian people deserve much better than this current leadership. In Hamas you have a party that has subscribed to the unacceptable Oslo Accords and its repercussions and has shifted from resisting the occupation to imposing a dress code on school girls – and lying about too. On the other side you have an authority that is simply a deputy for the occupation practically taking over the occupation duties, as obvious by the latest Fateh conference which allowed for Israel to handpick the future Palestinian leadership.
“The Arab initiative today seems to be ‘full normalisation for absolutely nothing’. The only return for the Arab regimes’ unconditional normalisation would be gaining the approval of America. King Abdullah’s initiative was relegated to complete normalisation for a settlement freeze, while in reality the trade-off is clear: complete normalisation for nothing.
“In Lebanon, we would refer to Fath as a collection of dakakin (shops) with various alliances, with Yasser Arafat institutionalising corruption through the PLO and Fath structures. He teamed up with Saudi Arabia and Sadat to do the most to undermine Palestinian struggle for liberation, and used the infusion of Gulf oil money brought millions to the movement, and he used the leverage of money to get his way. The same thing happens today with the Gulf support for the Dahlan gangs that are wrecking havoc in Palestine. Hamas also is not above reproach when it comes to money from Gulf countries where they in the past did most fund raising. This is not an organization above receiving Saudi cash.”

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