When the corporate media discusses climate change; fully sovereign Iraq

It’s amazing the extent to which reporters in wealthy countries ignore the third world. Take this

It is well below what the United Nations’ scientific advice suggests for rich countries and below what many developing nations are calling for. They want wealthy countries to commit to cuts of 25 to 40 per cent by 2020, from 1990 levels.

Actually, many developing nations are calling for 40%+ cuts, but why listen to people who aren’t white? Or here, there’s talk of a climate fund, as though it’s so benevolent, without discussion of what Oxfam, poor countries and so on are calling for.

Colonised Iraq.

In a last-minute compromise reached under heavy pressure from the United States, Iraqi MPs voted to approve a law on the distribution of seats for the next election.

Note how it’s casually mentioned that US pressure determines the Iraqi election. This is supposedly a sovereign country with a freely elected government and so on.


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