Mr Rudd said he hoped Copenhagen would produce a ”binding operational agreement” which would then develop into a greenhouse gas-reduction treaty binding all nations. Australia would not commit to do any more or less than other nations.

The 5 to 25 per cent target range for greenhouse gas reduction to which the Government was committed was adequate. ”That’s our spectrum. We don’t move beyond that,” he said.

Mr Rudd said the emissions trading scheme was fully costed, modelled and compensation provided for, even if Australia left Copenhagen committed to a higher 2020 greenhouse gas reduction target than the unconditional 5 per cent.

Get it? We’ll probably do 5%, and certainly no more than 25% (which is highly unlikely anyway), though the science demands 40%. Also – notice how this is reported. Marian Wilkinson is one of the more progressive writers at smh.

A MAJOR power group, the G77 developing countries, blocked the United Nations climate talks overnight by walking out of several of the key meetings in protest over the failure of wealthy nations to put firm targets on the table under the Kyoto Protocol.

”It is regrettable that we appear to have reached a deadlock on process,” the Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, said last night. ”But a range of countries are working hard to get these issues resolved.”

The core of the protest by the developing countries is the refusal of the wealthy nations to clearly state they will keep alive the Kyoto Protocol, the treaty that imposes legally binding cuts on them.

A major power group? The G77 is most of the world!! Their representative isn’t even quoted. Who cares what Wong said about it?

Oh, and this is practically immediately after Turkey said it would treat Kurds better.


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