Vulgar propaganda: Israel in Haiti vs the real Israel

The National Times, of course, has vulgar Israeli propaganda about its aid in Haiti. This is why people are cynical about Israel’s efforts. I mean, look at the vulgarity of what is written “Israelis seem determined to do all they can to help the inhabitants of a frail nation thousands of miles away, people with … Continue reading

Wilpert; Australia Day and Movie World; Laor, Haiti, AJDS, Jewish News, Galus Australis

Wilpert on Chavez Firstly, I wish to endorse Gregory Wilpert’s book on Chavez, Changing Venezuela by Taking Power. It very carefully and seriously looks at Chavez’s policies until 2006, with illuminating discussion of historical background. It is obviously a much better book, and a better left wing guide to Venezuela, than Tariq Ali’s hollow Pirates … Continue reading

I was right: Blame Hamas

Amira Hass wrote a very good and important column in Haaretz. She knows Gaza very well, is scrupulously honest, and is not keen to whitewash Hamas. (eg “But by and large, this variegated whole sounded a message of militant pacifism and feminism, liberation theories and a lot of faith in the cumulative, positive effect of … Continue reading

I Blame Hamas Too

I think we should acknowledge that the Gaza Freedom March was in many respects a failure. Firstly, there was a greater expectation that Egypt would let the protesters into Gaza, and I think an inadequate preparation among participants for a response. That the group could be so easily divided by Egypt’s proposal to let in … Continue reading

Corporate Feminism

This is comical. SMH reports on Marie Claire magazine, combining with Butterfly Foundation, putting Marie Claire on its cover naked. This is to raise awareness….. of the need for women to have healthy body images. This was progressive, they say, because they didn’t airbrush the photo. That’s right. They chose a supermodel, Miss Universe or … Continue reading