NIF’s Sokatch

Sokatch says “the Goldstone report has been thoroughly debunked, not only by NIF, but by independent journalists and academics”. I’m not impressed.

The Dubai Assassination

I really don’t think the most outrageous thing about this affair is faked Australian passports, and I really don’t think that it reflects well on Rudd that this is the Israeli action that outrages him. Anyway, Hartcher (who I generally don’t like or respect) had this in his column today. But an Australian official said … Continue reading

My STICS essay

I wrote a long essay on the Northern Territory Intervention as a member of STICS which I submitted to the Senate, which you can read here.

Yitzhak Laor

Gideon Levy mentions it in his new article. Yitzhak Laor has been accused of sexual harassment and rape by numerous former students. I have said that I have admired past writings by him, though I thought his book was awful. I think the gravity of the charges are troubling. The problem in the report is … Continue reading

Mediocre SMH journalism

SMH profiles the people convicted of terrorist conspiracy. They had apparently acquired quantities of explosives and weapons. It is not clear that they had yet actually planned to do anything. ASIO of course compiled the materials on them used for their convictions. This is probably the closest they’ve ever come to doing something useful (though … Continue reading

Sara Roy on Gaza

Sara Roy on Gaza. In fact, with certain limited exceptions, no construction materials or raw materials have been allowed to enter the Strip since June 14, 2007. Indeed, according to Amnesty International, only forty-one truckloads of construction materials were allowed to enter Gaza between the end of the Israeli offensive in mid-January 2009 and December … Continue reading

A tale of two races

Racial profiling relevant here. (“He is described as being of Aboriginal appearance, 20 years old, 167cm tall with a thin build.) Racial profiling not relevant here apparently. Apparently, racial ethnicity and religious beliefs aren’t important when a dude called Joseph Andrew Stack flies a plane into a building. I suppose if we didn’t know his … Continue reading

The Mossad operation

I’ve been reading about it – it’s been featured a lot in international media, presumably because it’s considered very exciting. I find a lot of it alienating. This report in the Independent says that the assassinated member of Hamas was tortured before being suffocated (including electrocution). I consider such practices barbaric. They are utterly revolting. … Continue reading

Jewish News 19/02/10 – AJDS and Mendes on Hage

From the letters bit. Harold Zwier and Les Rosenblatt take the United Israel Appeal to task for inviting ultra right British loony Melanie Phillips. I’ve mentioned her special pleading for the BNP and its supporters before (“thousands of decent, patriotic British people, both white and dark-skinned” driven to supporting the BNP). She holds Those who … Continue reading

Gideon Levy on Mossad

I like and respect Gideon Levy. He’s one of the bravest and most honourable voices that consistently raises itself in Israel. And he is effective in opposing the right in Israel in many ways. Take this article. He makes the rational point: “We eliminated Abbas al-Musawi? Well done, Israel Defense Forces. We got Hassan Nasrallah. … Continue reading