Virginia Haussegger’s feminism

She is the worst pseudo feminist reactionary. Look at her here supposedly supporting women.

Now, here is something Abbott and his ilk need to understand: being a “housewife” is the most demeaning descriptor a man can give a woman. It means she is a wife of the house, and a servant to the husband. Her work is mindless, boring and repetitive. She doesn’t need a brain, as ironing, washing, sweeping and scrubbing are brainless activities. The work is never finished, as the same chores need to be done over and over again. Her work is so undervalued that she is unpaid, and her contribution to the economy isn’t recognized. There is no career path for housewives; no advances, bonuses, or emails of “congratulations, well done”. There is no job satisfaction in housewifery at all – except a clean house and a happy husband. (But of course he’d be happy – who wouldn’t be, when she does all the rotten, awful, tedious jobs, and does them willingly!)

Really, this isn’t far removed from outright misogyny, and I’m sure women who are housewives will appreciate her condescension. And men who stay at home for that matter. And perhaps if Haussegger reads actual feminists back to Simone de Beauvoir, she might think the oppression of women as domestic servants has a more complex relationship to husbands, who do not necessarily benefit from having a helpless dependent at home who is utterly unfulfilled by her domestic duties.

Look at how progressive she is:

But the reality is – paid work gives meaning to our lives. It gives us a sense of purpose and achievement, along with a sense of value. And the more we are paid, the more we feel valued. Whereas, the work of an unpaid housewife is afforded no value, and therefore neither is she.

So the most valued and fulfilled people are presumably lawyers and bankers (etc). And of course

Men like Abbott and his ilk still peer at women through that ancient prism, where sex role stereotyping sits neatly with their singular view of the world. They still believe women like being lectured by men who really don’t have a clue.

I’m sure women prefer lectures by Haussegger.


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