Andrew Bolt

I can’t stand Bolt. Any public media that prints anything he writes disgraces itself. Consider this, for example. Here, he says “many of the attacks on Indians here were in fact committed by thugs from an ethnic background.”

Get it? Ethnic thugs? You know exactly who he’s talking about. What are we supposed to conclude from this? That the crimes aren’t as bad because they’re not white? That we shouldn’t assume these are Australian criminals, because people who are “ethnic” (presumably, he thinks those who are white don’t have an ethnicity). Presumably, what he’s really saying is: come on guys. Australians aren’t racist. It’s not us attacking Indians. It’s them. Immigrants, Lebs and what have you. Us white folks are still fine.

Note also this:

Here he gets offended at what he says is a McCain Palin Nazi comparison (“I thought MacFarlane using his show to brand John McCain and Palin as Nazis was already low”).  Here, he embeds a youtube clip comparing people who believe in global warming to Nazis (it’s all a scheme by Hitler). Bolt introduces by saying:

Reader Vivienne has caught a far more convincing report on the state of the global warming scare:

I also want it noted – his friends in the Jewish community – including Michael Danby, by his own admission – apparently have yet to notice/object to this. The only Nazi comparisons they seem to find offensive are comparisons of the Israeli government – specifically when it is mistreating Arabs. (they have yet to complain about right wingers comparing the eviction of settlers to Nazism).


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