Gideon Levy on Mossad

I like and respect Gideon Levy. He’s one of the bravest and most honourable voices that consistently raises itself in Israel. And he is effective in opposing the right in Israel in many ways. Take this article. He makes the rational point: “We eliminated Abbas al-Musawi? Well done, Israel Defense Forces. We got Hassan Nasrallah. We killed Ahmed Yassin? Well done, Shin Bet security service. We got a Hamas many times stronger.”

But then, he says “Although assassinations are neither effective nor legal and sometimes not moral – when the target is a political leader or someone who could have been detained – we have not only awarded the assassins a kashrut certificate but also an aura of heroism.” I found this disappointing from Levy. Sometimes? What government deserves the right to award a death penalty on someone convicted of no crime, simply by suspicion of wrongdoing by the executive or military or whatever. Later he says “a lawful state does not operate hit squads”. I’m not sure if Levy is being consisent.


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