The Mossad operation

I’ve been reading about it – it’s been featured a lot in international media, presumably because it’s considered very exciting. I find a lot of it alienating. This report in the Independent says that the assassinated member of Hamas was tortured before being suffocated (including electrocution). I consider such practices barbaric. They are utterly revolting.

Angry Arab – who I typically admire – relishes the incompetence of the Mossad. For me, this is strange and incongruous for a leftist. I don’t see how martial prowess can be considered a left-wing value. I find these sorts of things strange. People whose support or opposition to (say) the Iraq War based on the military successes or failures of the American and supporter armies seem to me to miss the moral issue at stake. The military competence or failures of Hamas, Fatah and/or the Israeli army are to me issues whose evaluations won’t please me. I mean, if anything, – perhaps I will be considered traitorous for this – at times during the Gaza massacre, I might’ve hoped that the Palestinians on the ground in Gaza could mount some sort of military resistance to the invasion and massacre. I genuinely oppose all death, murder and destruction. But I felt – and I think rightly – that if we in the west could not raise the cost of Israeli atrocities and apartheid, then the only alternative is a military price to Israeli slaughter of Palestinians. I would gain no satisfaction from increased murder. But the impotence of the Palestinians in Gaza in the face of Israeli military might was a horrible sight to witness. And yet, if this were attributable to some defects among the Palestinians, I would feel no pleasure or misery in this, just as I would find it difficult to feel any relish or pleasure in Palestinian resistance if it were effective. In a way, I am glad that Hezbollah’s military resistance in Lebanon was effective. Yet I could never admire Hezbollah for effective military resistance (and more generally I obviously do not admire Hezbollah ideologically either).


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