A tale of two races

Racial profiling relevant here. (“He is described as being of Aboriginal appearance, 20 years old, 167cm tall with a thin build.)

Racial profiling not relevant here apparently. Apparently, racial ethnicity and religious beliefs aren’t important when a dude called Joseph Andrew Stack flies a plane into a building. I suppose if we didn’t know his name – or if his name were Mohammed something – then it also wouldn’t come up.

Oddly enough, Andrew Bolt’s blog doesn’t seem to find this story interesting enough to comment on yet. It must be distressing when a white person flies a plane into a building.

Look at how stupid his writings are.

The national survey found that those born in Australia were more than twice as likely to be the victim of a physical assault.

He concludes from this that those who are Australian born – or “Australian” in Bolt’s term, because immigrants aren’t real Australians to him – are the victims of racist attacks. Obviously, it is not relevant for him to consider a) the ethnicity of those who are attacked (Australian born could be the god fearing white Christian folk like him, or Indians who he doesn’t think are ever subject to racist attacks, or it could be Lebanese people, and so on) (b) the background of the attackers (ie, he assumes that Australian born are attacked by those not Australian born, despite the obvious lack of evidence. I think there’s a word for jumping to conclusions about people of certain backgrounds, sans evidence)


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