Yitzhak Laor

Gideon Levy mentions it in his new article. Yitzhak Laor has been accused of sexual harassment and rape by numerous former students. I have said that I have admired past writings by him, though I thought his book was awful.

I think the gravity of the charges are troubling. The problem in the report is that the students allegedly complained to Tel Aviv University about his sexual harassment, following which he was terminated. Yet Tel Aviv seems not to have records of this happening.

I think it’s sad that this may well be where the matter dies. Women who are sexually harassed and assaulted have effectively no means of redress.  I would be sad to believe this is true about Laor, yet I don’t know how to obtain more information about this.

One Response to “Yitzhak Laor”
  1. Sharon Vance says:

    Think D.H. Lawrence. Read Robin Morgan’s “Good-bye to all that.” One’s “leftist” credentials does not automatically mean said brilliant poet may not also be a misogynist. In fact single-minded pursuit of one-sided absolute justice in one arena to the point where everyone on the other side becomes associated with evil is completely compatible with a willingness to sacrifice one group to atone for sins against another. A politics that only focuses on one type of oppression while ignoring gender and class is also conducive to such conduct. In fact, it makes perfect sense.

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