Mendes makes Nazi comparison

From Galus.

A third factor is that there is a genuine international fear of Arab hatred, violence and terrorism. Nobody wants to experience another September 11 or July 2005 or Bali. There is consequently a willingness on the part of many scared people to sacrifice Israel if necessary to pacify Arab anger and save their lives just as Chamberlain sacrificed Czechoslovakia in 1938 to ostensibly prevent a world war. [Emphasis added]

Presumably, Mendes thinks the Arab world is Hitler. Or perhaps just the Palestinians.

This group need to chant to themselves over and over again “zero tolerance for those who brand Israel an apartheid or Nazi-like state”.

Note the internal consistency. Note also that this is shortly after Barak again made the comparison, and Akiva Eldar warned of apartheid in the Australian. Mendes apparently thinks apartheid and nazi comparisons are the same. We can also only guess what he means by “zero tolerance”.


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