Israeli propaganda

You have to read the Goldstone Report to see how meticulously it investigates each Israeli war crime and exposes IDF lies. But take even Haaretz’s sanitised rendering of one incident.

Yet five internal army panels set up by Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi to investigate the IDF’s actions during Cast Lead initially said there was no evidence that Israel had attacked the site at all. In April 2009, when the panels’ findings were presented to the media, and again in a July report to the United Nations, Israel claimed that not only was there no air strike at that location, but that some of the Palestinians who allegedly died in the strike were actually members of Hamas who were killed in ground battles with the IDF.

Now, sources close to the Halamish probe say, the IDF is planning to release a revised report that, for the first time, will confirm that the air force struck a target near the mosque. However, it will claim, the target was a group of armed Hamas operatives who were meeting near the mosque’s entrance.

So first, Israel didn’t bomb the site. Then, it didn’t bomb the site, and those killed were Hamas militants anyway. Then, it bombed the site, and it meant to because they were Hamas militants. Okay. (In the Goldstone Report, they note the official IDF response: “… relating to a strike against the “Maqadme” mosque in Beit-Lahiya on January 3rd, 2009,
it was discovered that as opposed to the claims, the mosque was not attacked at all.
Furthermore, it was found that the supposed uninvolved civilians who were the casualties
of the attack were in fact Hamas operatives killed while fighting against the IDF.”)


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