Sensible Jew

I still hold that it was almost immediately apparent there was nothing principled or independent about the blog Sensible Jew. However, it seems to be drifting almost very slightly leftwards.

Does Israel-Right-or-Wrong know that Palestinians currently suffer under occupation and that some settlers perpetrate shocking crimes against innocents?

Is it aware that not every single Israeli action that is to the serious detriment of Palestinians’ quality of life is entirely necessary to the survival of the Jewish state?

There is, however, petty and unsubstantiated name-calling that I suspect Ms Fein regards as necessary to prove her patriotic credentials as throat clearing for such claims.

I submitted the following as a comment:

Well, as I’m one of the two people named as anti-Zionists, I thought I might compare your claims to reality (bearing also in mind your previous charming claim: anti-Zionists have an “indifference to Israeli civilian suffering”).

You write: “There is a sameness to the language, tone, and cadence of everything that is written or said publicly. There is a single line from which there is absolutely no deviation and certainly never any originality of thought. If ever there were an example of group-think – Australian anti-Zionism is a singular example.”

Well, I’ve written an article on newmatilda disagreeing with Antony Loewenstein on Salam Fayyad (incidentally, also revealing your connection with reality on the subject of anti-Zionist admiration for Palestinian leadership). Who’s disregarding relevant evidence, Ms Fein?

Another article disagreeing with anti-Zionists on some issues is forthcoming. These sentiments can also be found on my blog, where I’ve repeatedly opposed the blanket BDS campaign, and support an end to the occupation (ie, a two state agreement). Have you noticed attacks on me by the anti-Zionist left? As opposed to say – the responses I’ve received from AIJAC’s Bren Carlill (a Christian who compared my opposition to settlements to Nazism), Michael Danby and the ADC (who called me anti-Semitic).

There is much else that could be noted – such as the obvious fact that the anti-Zionist left welcomed the Goldstone Report (I’ve written about it extensively), which condemned human rights violations by Israel, Hamas AND Fatah. Who condemned it? Yet for some people, evidence is plainly irrelevant when holy truths are at stake.


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