Tel Aviv propagandists

Firstly, there’s the case of Melanie Phillips. She said on Dawkins:

This was even after (or perhaps because) he referred to the Pope as a Nazi, which managed to combine defamation of the pontiff with implicit Holocaust denial.

Emphasis added.

It appears she has an implicit case of reality denial.

Anyway, read and compare two ostensibly different people writing articles that have the bizarre appearance of being coordinated to say the same things. Note that they cite the same surveys, the same announcement of 1600 houses being built, even the same dubious claims about Olmert’s offers to Abbas.

Compare them indeed:


Under the proposal, Israel would annex 6.3 per cent of the West Bank, areas that are home to 75 per cent of the Jewish population of the territories. His proposal would have involved removal of dozens of settlements, some of them large and historically significant, in the Jordan Valley, eastern Samarian hills and the Hebron region, and the evacuation of tens of thousands of Israeli settlers. In return for the annexation to Israel of Ma’aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion, Ariel, Beit Aryeh and settlements adjacent to Jerusalem, Olmert proposed transferring to the Palestinians an equivalent area from within pre-1967 Israel, about 327sq km of mostly agricultural land, as well as a safe-passage highway from Hebron to the Gaza Strip.

Olmert offered to share Jerusalem so that it would be the capital of both Israel and Palestine. Jerusalem’s holy sites would be administered by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and the US. A family reunion scheme would allow a limited return of Palestinian refugees to Israel and there would be no restrictions on those wishing to move to the new state of Palestine.


According to the proposal, Israel would annex 6.3 per cent of the West Bank – areas that are home to 75 per cent of the Jewish population of the territories. Thousands of settlers and dozens of settlements would be evacuated. In return for the 6.3 per cent, Israel would transfer to the Palestinians an equivalent bloc – 327 square kilometres of mostly agricultural land, as well as a safe-passage corridor connecting the West Bank to Gaza.

Jerusalem would be shared so it would be the capital of Israel and Palestine; and the sites in Jerusalem which are holy to Christians, Muslims and Jews would be administered by the US, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine. Agreement on the core issue of Palestinian statehood would have provided a basis for resolving matters such as security, water and refugees.

The parts where they exercise more personal discretion is not much better. Goot apparently believes in Abbas’s rising popularity.

Andrew Bolt writes on the Jewish lobby.

I understand from excellent sources that Israel is also alarmed by Kevin Rudd’s increasingly hostile comments (esepcially these) and policies, and major Labor donors among the Jewish Left are finding it much harder to reach for their wallets.

Okay, so left and right really accepts the influence of the so-called Jewish Left in tilting Labor to Tel Aviv.

For those curious, Haaretz had a report on this. There were a few bits not mentioned by Alhadeff and Goot

Olmert’s proposal implies Israeli willingness to give up sovereignity over the Temple Mount, the Old City and the Mount of Olives. The offer appears to contradict Olmert’s promise to Shas never to negotiate over Jerusalem and was never revealed to the Israeli public while he was in office. However, Newsweek notes the offer was made in September 2008, when Olmert was heading a transition government and had already resigned from his post, rendering coalition considerations irrelevant.

He stressed he rejected Palestinian demands to realize the right of return, and instead offered a “humanitarian gesture” of accepting a small number of Palestinian refugees, “smaller than the Palestinians wanted, a very, very limited number.”

Olmert’s offer was confirmed to Newsweek by Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator. “It’s very sad. He was serious, I have to say,” Erekat said. He said that he and Abbas began preparing a response, but within a few months the Gaza war erupted, and Olmert had left office.

More here.

One Response to “Tel Aviv propagandists”
  1. talknic says:

    “Israel would annex 6.3 per cent of the West Bank”

    Perhaps the most ironic outcome would be were Israel to legally annex ANY territories in a negotiated outcome. It would
    A) Quite clearly show that all along those territories were NEVER actually sovereign to Israel, thereby dispelling the twaddle peddled by those who say it is already Israeli territory.
    B) Quite clearly show the generosity of the Palestinian people by forgoing the right to all their territory in order to have peace and perhaps, if they wish, declare a state or independent sovereignty.

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