Angry Arab called Pro-Islamic

This is really an outrage.

“The Home Office’s counter-terrorism communications unit has named its top 20 most influential “pro-Islamic” political bloggers…The top 20 list compiled as a “snapshot” in 2008 includes several based outside Britain but posting on UK politics in English. The top five sites listed are Ali Eteraz, Islam in Europe, the Angry Arab News Service,Indigo Jo Blogs/Blogistan and Daily Terror. Ali Eteraz is the author of Children of Dust ā€“ a memoir of Pakistan that was named on the New Statesman 2009 books of the year list ā€“ and has been a regular poster on Comment is Free.The list only covers blogs published in English. Some, such as Angry Arab, which publish news articles in full from various sources draw heavily on the New York Times, al-Akhbar and Ha’aretz.”
PS For lawyers in US and UK, do I have legal basis for suing the Home Office for the fallacious labeling of my site? Please advise.

As’ad AbuKhalil is an extremely scathing opponent of Islamist movements, religious governments, and also religious figures and institutions (like al Azhar and Grand Ayatollahs Sistani and Khamenei.) Read his book on Saudi Arabia. This is ridiculous.


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