Jewish News supports settlements in East Jerusalem

The editorial of today (March 26 AJN). They saythat Israel’s “government is beholden to the will of the Israeli people. … Before Netanyahu left for Washington, he was presented with a letter calling upon him to continue to build in Jewish neighbourhoods in all parts of Jerusalem. The letter, signed or supported by 78 Knesset members from almost all Zionist factions except Meretz, was initated by MK Otniel Schneller from the Opposition Kadima part – a fact which in itself says volumes.”

I agree, it does speak volumes about the Knesset. Note how they count the Zionist factions – presumably, Arab parties don’t count, so naturally they’re irrelevant.

But note this too. Kadima = 28 seats, Likud = 27 seats, Yisrael Beitenu = 15 seats, National Union = 4 seats, Jewish Home is 3 seats. That’s a total of 77 seats. Labor is another 13 seats, then there’s Shas and United Torah, which are religious (but hardly left-wing).

Of course, we don’t know precisely how many people have signed this petition. Ynet reported 47 signatories almost a week ago. A less reputable source reported around 70 signatories a few days ago.


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