Tiresome propaganda

Reut institute on Naomi Klein.

“Kleinism” represents a simplistic, artificial view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has led many who consider themselves human-rights activists to focus their criticism nearly exclusively on Israel. It brands Israel as the new apartheid state, so it can do no right and its adversaries no wrong. It frames Israel as uninterested in peace or in ending the occupation. It ignores any structural obstacles to peace unrelated to Israel, the most obvious being the sharp divisions among the Palestinians.

Emphasis added. Naomi Klein, presumably, is the pioneer of Kleinism – those who focus nearly exclusively on Israel. I think you need to be pathological to believe this. It’s just impressive how the same mantras get stuck, and are applied as a quick-fix for arguments by Zionist fanatics, who don’t bother adjusting template arguments for specific circumstances, which is why they look increasingly ridiculous.


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