Right-wingers are allowed Nazi comparisons

At Quadrant.

This site has documented numerous examples of the secular left squelching freedom of speech for anyone it deems to be politically incorrect. Indeed, whole books have been written on how the censorship and suppression of freedom occurs routinely in the Western world, especially in our universities.

The intriguing thing of course is that those who are doing all the heavy-handed Gestapo tactics are the ones who mouth off so much about tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness. But we all know that all this talk is just that – so much talk. They do not have the slightest tolerance for anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda. [Emphasis added]

The Gestapo tactics are, for example, those who wanted to prevent Pauline Hanson from speaking at uni.

This is presumably yet another Nazi comparison that AIJAC, ADC (etc, ad infinitum) would not consider anti-Semitic, outrageous and so on. The only impermissible Nazi comparisons are left-wing/Arab critics of the Israeli government.

The rest of the article is devoted to a furious tirade in defence of Ann Coulter’s right to lecture at unis without students protesting.


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